Profiles for hidden LED lighting - Adorn Bulgaria

The Profiles for hidden LED lighting create an exceptional effect in the interior space. The products are made of high-density XPS, which makes them extremely light and easy to install and at the same time strong enough.

Some models allow the use of only LED strip, others - LED spot and for a stronger lighting effect, we have developed models for combined installation of LED strip and LED spot, as well as those with dual light direction of two LED strips.

The installation is simple, with several requirements:

  • Wall / ceiling bonding is done with mounting glue (solvent-free) or styrofoam foam.
  • The joints that form between the individual profiles are filled with grout.
  • Painting is mandatory. Latex or water-based paint is used.
  • We recommend that it be installed with an aluminum L-shaped profile in the duct, which distributes the heat from the lighting - it can be purchased together with the hidden lighting profile.

We recommend 12V LED strip.

You can enjoy this luxury quickly, easily and economically!
The items are available in lengths of 200 cm.