Innovative products for decoration, noise and heat insulation

Choosing to use our innovative products, you will certainly create a unique and individual concept and recognizability of the facade of your building, whether it is the construction of a new building, interior and / or exterior renovation of a house, villa, apartment, business building , restaurant or restoration of an architectural monument, in any case you will give uniqueness, style and comfort to your home, office, hotel.

Adorn Ltd. Bulgaria we offer profiles for hidden LED lighting, facade panels, window sills, corner details, various decorative elements. We use only high quality EPS (expanded polystyrene) and XPS (extruded polystyrene) with high density, which guarantees maximum energy efficiency and high quality of the products. We make custom exterior panels, imitation brick, marble, stone, wood, a great alternative to natural options. The panels are coated with a polymer-acrylic coating, which adheres perfectly to styrofoam and is not affected by moisture, frost, high temperatures and UV rays, does not retain dust and prevents the appearance of mold. They do not add unnecessary weight to the building, they are impact resistant and have excellent noise and heat insulation.

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