Facade solutions - The New Face of Your Project

New production technologies allow our products to be the ideal alternative to gypsum and natural cladding options and design solutions for your facade. In recent years, they have become preferred products for decorating facades, restoration of old buildings and architectural monuments, due to their many advantages:

You can beautifully decorate any building with the wide range of facade solutions made of high-density expanded polystyrene (EPS) - profiles, sills, friezes, floor dividers and products for facade decoration such as arches, columns, keystones, corner details or insulate with 3D panels with different vision. In combination with the appropriate color of the facade plaster and highlighting the windows, the products can satisfy even the most innovative and sophisticated design ideas and can give any style in architecture.

In addition to the variety of standard models, if you want to put your own handwriting in the design of the facade, we also offer the opportunity to work on an individual project.

Apart from the high quality of EPS (25-30 kg/m3), from which they are made, all facade products are covered with a polymer-acrylic coating, produced especially for the climatic conditions in Bulgaria. Thanks to its ingredients, it adheres perfectly to styrofoam and is not affected by moisture, frost, high temperatures and UV rays, does not retain dust and prevents the appearance of mold. Its elasticity guarantees easy installation and resistance to earthquakes or structural changes in the building.

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