3D Exterior Wooden Panels - Adorn Bulgaria

Panels made of EPS (expanded polystyrene) with imitation wood are a great alternative to natural options and an ideal choice for interior and exterior decoration and thermal insulation. They are coated with a polymer-acrylic coating, which adheres perfectly to styrofoam and is not affected by moisture, frost, high temperatures and UV rays, does not retain dust and prevents the appearance of mold.

  • With a thickness of 4 cm and a styrofoam density of 20-22 kg / cubic meter, the panels have excellent thermal and sound insulation properties.
  • Easy and fast installation that does not require special skills.
  • Tooth connection ensures the absence of a thermal bridge.
  • The panels do not add unnecessary weight to the building.
  • The coating is impact resistant and the paint withstands all weather conditions and UV rays.


We also offer an option to increase the thickness of the panel with additionally glued EPS or XPS according to set sizes and density.

Panel size: 200/50/4 sм.

 *Differences between displayed and actual colors are possible.