Decorative facade elements - Columns and Ornaments

The facade elements include many decorations that help to beautify the facade decoration. Their functions are diverse, depending on the decorating area.

The variety of columns that we produce are specially developed according to their different purposes and have a classic or modern design, suitable for both interior use and facade decoration. You can dress existing columns with decorative covers, use semicircular, round, flat or square sections, as well as make solid columns to a given size and appearance.

They are made of EPS (expanded polystyrene) with a density of 25-30 kg/m3, with applied elastic and very strong polymer-acrylic coating, which adheres perfectly to styrofoam and is not affected by moisture, frost, high temperatures and UV rays, does not retain dust and prevents the appearance of mold. Its elasticity guarantees easy installation and resistance to earthquakes or structural changes in the building.

  • With a length of 200 cm and dimensions according to the individual decision of each client.
  • Easy and fast installation that does not require special skills.
  • Do not add excess weight to the building.
  • Allow painting with any facade paints.
  • Long-term guarantee for durability and performance.

The variety of decorative elements can satisfy even the most innovative design ideas. The exterior decoration allows you to turn any building into a work of art or to restore a cultural monument, thanks to the variety of ornaments and details and our willingness to meet any requirements of your facade.